Thanks for checking out Lakeside Baptist Church! We’re here to welcome you online and to let you know what you can expect when you visit us for the first time.

Lakeside Reopening Protocol

We are delighted to resume in person worship gathering at Lakeside Baptist Church.  In order to meet on Sunday, June 28, we need and appreciate your cooperation in choosing to follow our reopening protocol guidelines. Thanks!

We have missed you very much and are excited to gather together in two services to encourage one another in Jesus!

1.      Lakeside Baptist Church will communicate with you the comprehensive plan including participation expectations (personal health suitability, advanced registration, reduced attendance capacity, and a commitment to follow public health recommendations).

2.      Appropriate screening – L.B.C. will email a self declaration fitness form to you for review and will post this form by the church entrance; encouraging wise and kind participation choices that demonstrate care for one another.

3.      Appropriate Sanitation – L.B.C. will provide hand sanitation stations of at least one in the foyer, one in the upstairs bathroom and two in sanctuary.

4.      Appropriate physical distancing will be required by all participants (6 feet unless of same household).

5.      Appropriate people flow will be indicated by signage and volunteers (enter building, mandatory hand sanitizing, no congregating in foyer, be seated to enjoy the service, exit sanctuary and building back to front (like a wedding) to preserve appropriate distancing, no congregating in the foyer after the service).

6.      Appropriate numbers – Total building capacity of 70 people per service with greeter/gatekeeper monitoring numbers.

7.      Appropriate advanced registration (to help meet capacity reduction goal).  L.B.C. will provide a means for you to sign up for your preferred service.  Date of return Sunday, June 28 with two services, 9:00 am and 11:00 am.

8.      Appropriate sanctuary seating – Only household members may sit together in a row.  L.B.C. has
a.      Removed every second row of chairs
b.      Widened middle aisle

9.      Appropriate worship activities
a.      Shorter one-hour worship service – L.B.C. will use the time between services for sanitizing common touched surfaces
b.      If you would like to sing you must bring and wear a mask
c.      Offering drop off basket will be provided, mailed cheques and online giving are still options
d.      Microphones will be designated to specific people
e.      Communion (participants will be asked to bring their own elements)
f.       No children’s ministry will be provided, nursery is unavailable for use

10.   Paper bulletins will not be provided.

11.    Appropriate Foyer Activity Reminders
a.      Physical distancing must be maintained
b.      No hugging or handshakes
c.      No beverages or food will be provided
d.      Mandatory hand sanitizing upon entrance and no loitering in foyer
e.      Proceed immediately to seating in sanctuary
f.       Proceed to outdoors and vehicle following worship service (no indoor loitering)