David Boyle, Senior Pastor, and his wife Edie

Welcome to Lakeside Baptist Church! I’m glad you’ve come to check us out. We are aware that for today, church ‘shopping’ often starts with an online ‘look’, so we’re glad that you ‘peeked’ at our website!

I have found Lakeside Baptist Church to be very welcoming and accommodating, always willing to find ways to provide for someone’s particular needs. This has made Lakeside Baptist Church a place where one feels cared for and treasured, just like being part of a welcoming family! My wife Edie and I can attest to this, and we have come to really appreciate it.

We hope you will find this to be true for you as well. There are many groups and ministries offered at Lakeside Baptist Church, and we hope this website will help you connect with our fellowship of believers.

If you’d like to find out more about Lakeside Baptist and would like to talk to someone about it (or, if you’d simply like to talk to someone…), feel free to connect with me. There are a number of ways you can do so: You can e-mail me: [email protected], look me up on Facebook: LakesideBaptist.David, find me on Twitter: @PastorDaveBoyle, call me at the office (807) 468-8889, or simply drop by at the church office to see if I’m there (On the corner of Transmitter Road off the East Highway). I love company and would be happy to meet up with you for whatever reason.