David Boyle
Connections Pastor

Pastor David’s first day at Lakeside Baptist Church was July 1, 2017. Previous to His Call to Lakeside, Pastor David was the Senior Pastor of Good Shepherd (Congregational) Church (2014-2017), and was the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) Campus Minister for 3 universities and 2 colleges in New Brunswick: UNB – Saint John Campus, UNB – Fredericton Campus, St. Thomas University, NBCC Saint John, and Saint John (ESL) College (2005-2014). For much of his time with Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, he was also the Associate Pastor of an Evangelical Anglican Church in New Brunswick.

Pastor David came to faith in his twenties, developed a passion for the Bible and apologetics, and answered a call to ministry in 2003, where he attended Taylor College of Mission and Evangelism for his Bachelor of Theology. In addition to this, he also holds a diploma in Chemical Engineering Technology, where he spent much of his time before ministry working in the pulp and paper industry in Thunder Bay, Ontario. If not found with a coffee in his hand talking with someone, you might find Pastor David reading a book, playing in his garden, or perhaps out fishing on the lake.

John Boechat
Teaching Pastor

John (João) Boechat is a husband for Paula and a father for Olivia and Alice. Being a son of a pastor, John was involved in church from his young age. Being Brazilian, John is a fervorous supporter of Clube de Regatas do Flamengo, which is, in his opinion, the greatest soccer team in the world! 

João holds a PhD in Religion-Wissen-Diskurse, with emphasis in New Testament Theology and Exegesis by Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany and a PhD in Political Sociology by University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (UENF). He holds a BA in Theology and a BA in International Relations. During his ministry, John served as a pastor and a missionary in the Amazon region in Brazil, also in Sudan, Uganda and India. Before coming to Lakeside, John served as coordinator and professor of the Brazilian Baptist Theological Seminary (STBSB) and coordinator of the Educational area of the Brazilian Baptist Home Mission Board (JMN). Moreover, he worked as a Teaching Pastor at the Itacuruça Baptist Church, in Rio de Janeiro. 

Shelley Dijk