Relentless Youth Ministries exists to reach the students of Kenora for Jesus Christ and provide a loving environment for them to find spiritual, relational, emotional, and physical nurturing!!

Jr. & Sr. High Youth Group (Grades 6-12)

We will be joining the Sr. and Jr. High youth for the summer. We will be meeting on Thursday evenings unless otherwise stated as we may have some day events. Please check the calendar for details each week.

To be able to meet we must follow the summer day camp rules. So here they are:

-No groups larger than 9 youth and 1 leader. We will have you indicate each week if your youth is coming so we can separate the kids into activity groups. We may separate guys and gals for some evenings and so separate activities.

-Stay outside as much as possible. Most of our activities will be hikes, canoeing, campfires, Nature craft (fire building, shelter building), service project, fishing and of course a devotional each week.

-No shared equipment. We will let you know if your youth needs to bring anything (bible, lighter, fishing gear). For activities that has shared equipment (football, canoe paddles) we will clean hands and gear before using.

-Youth must social distance so let them know we will be getting after them is they get to close. Where it may be hard to social distance youth will need to wear a mask. (We will try to avoid these activities)

-Parents should not gather when dropping off their youth.

-We will not provide snacks, youth should bring their own.

Even with all of this youth group this summer is doable and I am excited!! Let’s be gracious to each other and do this right. Of course as with all activities, this is optional. Come when you feel it is right for you.

Contact: Angela Boucher, 464-0886 (cell), 468-8889 (work), Email
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