Lakeside Baptist Church

Who We Are

we are blessed when we maintain these values

Love one another as an extended family, meeting individual and group needs.
We are a caring church that is committed to ministry through relationships. We will respond to the needs of the various groups within our family.

Acquire partnerships for broader ministry.
We will seek out and partner with churches and/or organizations of like faith to fulfill areas of our Mission we cannot accomplish alone.

Know Christ through the Bible and prayer.
We value the Lordship of Christ, the preaching and teaching of the authoritative word of God and the effectiveness of corporate and individual prayer.

Extend compassion to others.
We recognize, in our hurting and sinful world, there are many needs to be met. We believe God has called us to reach out to our community to demonstrate Christ’s love.

Support missions around the world.
We, in keeping with our church’s history, will continue to send, encourage, pray for and finance missionaries and missions within Canada and beyond.

Identify and provide ministry opportunities.
We encourage each member of our family to have an important role in the activities of the church using their God-given abilities.

Develop quality families.
We welcome each person who comes to our church. We are committed to strengthening and maturing their family relationships.

Encourage spiritual maturity and worship. We recognize that the chief end of man is to worship God and that Christ has accepted each of us as we are. We expect that each individual will journey towards fullness in Christ by claiming his reconciliation and by following the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

Lakeside Baptist Church is affiliated with Baptist General Conference – Central Canada (BGC-CC) and Baptist General Conference of Canada (BGCC).

Philosophy of Ministry

Lakeside Baptist Church will be a nurturing family church that equips the believers to know the Father and share Christ with the people of Kenora and around the world.

Mission Statement

Lakeside Baptist Church is a caring family dedicated to serving Jesus Christ by addressing the spiritual, relational, emotional and physical needs of people in Kenora and beyond.